PSC Flooring is proud to be one of the leading providers of workshop flooring solutions. We’re highly experienced flooring contractors, and we have designed reliable floor solutions to meet the requirements for a wide range of industries. The automotive industry has plenty of different aspects to it, but the flooring for its workshops is incredibly important. Automotive flooring needs to be resilient, non-slip, and durable as safety is vital in this industry All vehicles need servicing, M.O.T. testing and repairing, but when it comes to the larger HGV vehicles everything is magnified. 


Why is Epoxy resin idea for all Vehicle workshops?

  • Vehicle workshop epoxy resin is available in a wide range of colours
  • Epoxy resin is chemically resistant against oil, grease and fuel
  • Very hard wearing, with excellent wear resistance
  • Workshop epoxy resin provides a gloss, attractive, easy to clean floor.
  • Fast installation times, minimising downtime
  • Can have epoxy resin demarcation lines and chevrons for MOT bays and around inspection pits.


What is classed as a HGV?

A heavy goods vehicle (HGV), also large goods vehicle (LGV) or medium goods vehicle, is the European Union (EU) term for any truck with a gross combination mass (GCM) of over 3,500 kilograms (7,716 lb).










Workshop flooring solutions for HGV Bays

When dealing with larger vehicles such as trailers, trucks and other HGV’s, the workshop flooring solutions chosen are required to be durable, hard-wearing and in some cases anti-slip. 

Safety is of the utmost importance with large moving vehicles. It is very important to have clear directional signage and demarcation on the floor. Epoxy resin can be used to create demarcation lines in highly visible safety yellow, black, white, blue, green or red for chevrons or cross-hatching to create bays for walkways or reversing vehicle bays.


Is epoxy weather resistant?

Once cured, epoxy is moisture resistant and hence where there are large openings such as HGV loading bays and doorways epoxy resin is ideal as a flooring choice. Particularly in these areas where there is a high likelihood of rain ingress and a slippery floor, it is possible for an aggregate is added to epoxy flooring systems to give the anti-slip property.


In good time

The major benefit of choosing high build epoxy resin for vehicle workshop floors is that they are fast to install and can be completed over a weekend period, thus keeping downtime to a minimum. They are also a very cost-effective way of transforming a vehicle workshop floor, into a very attractive, high gloss, safety conscious area. 

At PSC Flooring Ltd we recommend a High build epoxy resin such as Pumatect. This flooring solution provides a very robust, hard wearing vehicle workshop floor with excellent abrasion and chemical resistant properties.



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