Restaurants, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies and other establishments need sneeze screens to protect customers and employees against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

One client, Arcadia, has ordered 1500 units. The sneeze screens will be installed in their extensive group of retail outlets. The sneeze guards feature quality acrylic and were custom designed to provide effective shielding between staff and customers to ensure they are doing everything they can for their employees to get back to work safely and ensuring their customers feel safe.

Wrights Plastics has also custom designed sneeze screens for Arcadia to fit a range of different sized cash draws in their suite of retail outlets.

James Ivison, Senior Relationship Executive of Wrights Plastics Group, says “As a company, we can custom design sneeze screens to meet each client’s specifications, in any size or quantity, with a fast turnaround time.”

“We have the equipment and workforce to produce high-volume quantities of sneeze screens with just a short lead time to meet the demands of the client. Whether there are multiple locations or a single venue, we can meet their needs. Our team will work with the client to design sneeze screens in line with the requirements of their business.”

“Business continues as usual for all our point of sale and retail displays! We supply high quality plastic solutions across all sectors of the retail and automotive market.”

The Sneeze Screen is designed for ‘Back to Work Safely‘ to protect employees and customers from airborne, virus-containing droplets. These are caused by speaking, sneezing, laughing or coughing, that could infect those who have face-to-face interactions.

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