Stephen’s Gaskets is a leading manufacturer of shim stock UK, specialising in high-quality shim washers for a range of industries. Shim washers support the efficiency of machinery and equipment whilst also saving you money on repairs, replacements and downtime. 

What’s more, we have over fifty years of experience under our belts. Therefore, we know exactly what type of shim washer works best for every application. Even better, if we don’t have what you need in stock we can create custom shim washers precisely for your project.

How are shims used?

Shims sit between two surfaces to improve the fit or alignment of the two surfaces. By filling the gap you can prevent unnecessary movement, which in turn limits damage to the equipment or machinery.  

Shims are especially common in engineering environments and bearing assemblies due to their ability to absorb tolerances and friction between two components. In addition, it means the components themselves are protected and don’t need to be machined for a perfect fit. Furthermore, the shims can simply be replaced during regular scheduled maintenance

Widest range of shim stock UK 

At Stephens Gaskets we have the widest range of shim stock in the UK. Our shim materials include stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, cork, rubber, steel and more. Plus, we offer shim sheets, including steel shim sheets. Our experts can help you every step of the way to establish which shim material is best suited for your application. Whether your shim needs to be waterproof or resistant to chemicals we can help. 

Using our state of the art tooling equipment and the expertise of our engineers we can provide shims in a range of thicknesses, gauges and internal and external diameters to meet your specific requirements.

Manufactured in the UK

Stephens Gaskets manufactures all its products right here in the UK. What’s more, due to our central base we are able to deliver stock up and down the country (and internationally) quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated team will ensure you get the service and support you need from the first call to the final product delivery. 

Get in touch today

Furthermore, we service companies big and small and have been doing so for over fifty years. To find out more about our shim stock UK call us on 0121 544 5808 or email us at Our team has the knowledge, expertise and skill set to ensure your operations run smooth and efficiently.  

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