Here at Stephens Gaskets, we are a proficient Klinger Gaskets manufacturer. The compressed fibre gasket – an advancement of the original fibre gaskets – is specially modified for extraordinary results. It is the Klinger gasket materials that make them so efficient. In addition, popular to use in a number of industries and applications.

Klinger, the company who produced the product itself have synonymised the name. Much like renowned brands such as Sellotape & Hoover. Leaving them known as Klinger Gaskets. In this article, we’re going to talk about two versions of our Klinger Gaskets to give you a better idea of which suits your needs. As well as, answer some of our customers’ most asked questions.

The Properties Of Klinger Gaskets 

So, what are Klinger Gaskets? They are a compressed fibre gasket that is manufactured using a special formulation of aramid glass and rubber fibres. Aramid glass is modified with 4 diagonals and uses a special dispersion for durability and compaction. As a result of this combination, a Klinger gasket is easily manipulated, while remaining resistant to water and other materials.

Additionally, their fibre compression allows for resistance to the highest temperatures, air and several common chemicals. Due to their near indestructibility, this type of gasket is unrivalled in a number of industries such as oil & marine.

Klingersil C 4430

The Klingersil C-4430 is one of the most reputable compressed fibre gaskets for sealing applications. It is made using a nitrile rubber binder and aramid fibres. Moreover, it has remarkable compressive strength as well as, next-level resistance. Therefore, the C4430 is ideal for several chemical applications, especially within the aerospace industry. It is self-protective of both extreme temperatures in hot water and steam, as well as many other substances including moderate acids.

Klingersil C 4400

Similarly to the C4430, the Klingersil C4400 are also produced using aramid fibres that have been bonded with nitrile rubber binder (NBR) to ensure optimum resistance to high temps and loads, ensuring that formation is never compromised. Making the C4400’s fantastic for machinery that uses lubricants, hydrocarbons, steam, oil and other substances, usually found in the automotive and aerospace industry.

Klinger Gaskets at Stephens Gaskets

While Klinger are the pioneers of the compressed fibre, here at Stephens Gaskets, we pride ourselves in our manufacturing of such precision machined components. Why choose us for your Klinger Gaskets? With decades of experience in the industry, we are renowned for our washer and gasket production. Not only do we offer competitive prices and a quick turnaround from concept to completion, we can also give you advice on such an investment.

Our bespoke manufacturing service also guarantees that we meet all measurements and components needed for your project. Through a simple assessment, we will discuss with you exactly what your applications need, focusing on size and quantity.

For more information on our custom made gaskets or our Klinger Gaskets manufacturing, give us a call on  0121 544 5808 or email us at By getting in touch with us today, we can determine what Klinger Gaskets or other materials best suit your gasket needs.