Indestructible Paint is a British company renowned for being a pioneer of high-performance surface coatings for aerospace, defence, rail and general industrial use. Our customers include Airbus, Boeing, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and more.

For over forty years, Indestructible Paint has been leading the way in the development of a variety of specialist and niche surface coatings, all of which solve key technical challenges, particularly around sustainability.

The company’s wide array of coatings protect a range of industrial components and structures which reach temperatures of up to 1,000oC. For instance, engines, air frames, automotive components and general industrial structures. The products they’ve developed meet some of the most demanding standards in the world. Therefore, the company is proud to hold key industry accreditations such as AS9001 and ISO14001.

Bouncing Back Stronger After the Covid-19 Pandemic

Like many companies operating in the aerospace industry, Indestructible Paint’s production dipped significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. This was due to the sharp drop in air travel and the subsequent impact on aircraft production. However, thanks to the enterprising and innovative spirit of the team, the company made the most of opportunities to expand in more secure markets, such as defence. Moreover, they also ensured they were prepared to ramp up production as civil aircraft build rates increased.

The team has faced numerous challenges while striving to regrow. Such as, material and energy cost increases as well as skills shortages. But, they have been determined to work together to overcome these challenges. As a result, year-on-year sales increased 20% in 2022 – exceeding pre-pandemic performance – and are forecast to increase substantially in 2023.

Sustainable Coatings Key to Next Phase of Growth

A key focus for Indestructible Paint is sustainability. This is set to increase in importance in 2023 as the aerospace industry works at pace to become greener.

Indestructible Paint’s team has made use of additional capacity to accelerate R&D projects focused on developing greener surface coatings. In fact, the company has been at the forefront of sustainable coating innovation for many years. It began over fifteen years ago in anticipation of REACH regulations which were set to restrict the use of certain chemicals. The team are using the specialised expertise they’ve developed to prepare today for the needs of tomorrow’s aircraft.

Indestructible Paint has been on a mission to find a replacement for traditionally-used chromium trioxide. It is used to provide highly-durable protection to aerospace and industrial gas turbine hot-end components. Just one of the surface coatings Indestructible Paint has successfully developed is CFIpal. It is not only chrome free but also offers enhanced performance. CFIpal has already received its first approval – from a leading global aircraft engine manufacturer – with more OEMs set to follow. As a result, sustainable coatings are set to be key to the Indestructible Paint’s next phase of growth in 2023 and beyond.


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