Summary. This blog highlights the importance of commercial flooring for retail spaces, emphasising the role it plays in the brand image and the practical operations of your business. With a special focus on food retail, we recommend 6mm polyurethane screed for its ease of cleaning, durability, and anti-slip properties, making it a solid choice for retail flooring.


Whilst the choice of flooring may be the last thing on your mind when setting up your new business, your choice in flooring is important not only to create the atmospheric you want to create but also if you choose the wrong floor, it could be a costly mistake.
Investing in the right type of flooring for your new retail space could be an investment. Not only is it something every customer through the door will notice, so part of your overall brand image, but also the practicality of your chosen surface could make effect your day-to-day business.

It’s all in the detail – Commercial flooring for Retail.

When it comes to retail it really is all about the detail!! Visual and sensory stimulation is required to draw potential customers around a retail space and hopefully encourage them to spend their hard-earned pennies.

When it comes to commercial spaces the right type of flooring can not only look visually appealing, but also make the space more practical. Whilst you may want to have style and design as a priority, in the commercial sector, cost and durability are often the main factors. Commercial spaces have different functional requirements which must be considered. Dictated largely on the type of goods that you will be selling, your flooring of choice needs to consider foot traffic volumes, movement of good (Do you need to move stillages or pallet trucks across the floor?) and the product being sold.

Food retail – Commercial flooring

With Food retail it is particularly important that the chosen flooring is easy to clean and seamless. Carpet for example would not be a good choice for such retail environment. On the contrary 6mm polyurethane screed is ideal for a food retail environment. Polyurethane RT and HF screeds offer the maximum anti slip properties whilst still being easy to clean. Polyurethane screed floors are very durable and are designed to be impervious and withstand organic acids.

6mm Polyurethane Screed – The right fit

Being water-based, polyurethane screed systems are formulated to be easy to apply and durable on even the heaviest of surfaces. Applied at a nominal 6mm or 9mm for the food industry moreover, Polyurethane Screed Systems are extremely adaptable and can be applied to a multitude of uses in industries including food retail.