5 Reasons You Should Consider Plastic Injection Moulding

When it comes to manufacturing plastic products, there are many different manufacturing methods to choose from. All of which come with their own list of pros and cons. For instance, one common method of manufacturing in the UK is plastic injection moulding. It is a preferred method of manufacturing parts and products due to its long list of advantages. Such as, its simple and reliable manufacturing process. In addition, plastic injection moulding is incredibly versatile, and people  to make thousands of different products each year.

Some of its core advantages include:

  • The ability to create detailed features and intricate designs
  • High efficiency
  • Creating components with enhanced strength
  • Can use different plastics at the same time
  • Low cost manufacturing

Complex Geometry And Intricate Details 

The plastic injection moulding process uses extremely high pressure. Plastic inside the moulds are pressed hard against the mould. As a result, you can add plenty of details and features into the design of the component. In addition, the high pressure will ensure everything is accounted for during the process. In other manufacturing processes, complex and intricate designs can be expensive and complicated to create. But, as such designs can easily be adhered to with plastic injection moulding, many manufacturers will opt for this method.

High Efficiency And Productivity 

The injection moulds themselves are designed and the presses have been pre-programmed accordingly. After that, the plastic injection moulding process is very fast compared to many other manufacturing processes. The speed of manufacturing components allows for more parts to be made from a single mould. Therefore, this high rate of production output makes plastic injection moulding very cost-effective and efficient. Consequently, making it ideal for high volume batches of components.

Enhanced Strength

If a company needs their products to have a particularly high tensile strength, this is perfectly possible to achieve with plastic injection moulding. Fillers can be added into the moulds which reduce the density of the plastic. As well as, making the parts much stronger once they have been moulded.

Using Different Plastic Types 

Some products may need to be made from a few different plastics, and plastic injection moulding can account for this. Different plastics can be used simultaneously through co-injection moulding.

Low Manufacturing Costs 

Plastic injection moulding is essentially an automated manufacturing process. The majority of the steps being performed by machines and robotics. Most of these machines can be operated by just one person. With this in mind, labor costs are incredibly low. As a result, there is a significant reduction of the overall cost of manufacturing the parts. Therefore manufacturers may find this process highly cost effective for their business.

Plastic Injection Moulding Manufacturing In The UK

Here at Stephens Plastics, we are proud to be one of the leading plastic injection moulding companies in the UK. With decades of experience and expertise under our belts, we have the ability to support with a wide range of products and requirements. We have invested heavily in our machinery and facilities over the years, allowing us to be able to work with many different industries to create high quality solutions that represent businesses the right way.

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