Looking For Metal Finishing Services?

Metal finishing services play a crucial role in the manufacturing process of various products. Supersheen Ltd, based in the West Midlands, is an expert in vibratory finishing services and offers a range of services such as vibro deburringvapour degreasingball burnishingbarrel polishing, and derusting and descaling.

Vibro Deburring

An efficient and effective method for removing metal parts’ most obstinate burrs and sharp edges. This technique uses vibratory finishing equipment to make items smooth and safe to handle.

Vapour Degreasing

This technique includes cleaning metal parts using a solvent-based solution and leaving them clean and ready for future processing. The solvent is heated to create a vapour that dissolves oil, grease, and other impurities from the components’ surfaces.

Ball Burnishing

This process involves burnishing the surface of metal parts using steel balls in a vibratory finishing machine. The process produces a high-quality, polished surface on the parts, making them attractive and functional.

Barrel Polishing

Barrel polishing involves placing metal parts into a barrel-shaped machine along with abrasive media. The barrel rotates, causing the abrasive media to polish the parts, producing a smooth and shiny surface.

Derusting and Descaling

This process involves removing rust and scale from the surface of metal parts using a combination of mechanical and chemical methods. The process is effective in removing even the most stubborn rust and scale, making the parts clean and ready for further processing.

Metal Finishing Services for the Final Stages of Production

Supersheen Ltd fits into the manufacturing process usually near the end, after parts have been machined, forged, or thread rolled.

The company provides vibratory metal finishing services for all types of manufacturing that require cleaning and follow-on operations, such as final assembly or final electro-plating when polishing.


FREE Sample Processing

If you’re looking to test our metal finishing or degreasing process on your own parts, click here to arrange your free sample. We’ll develop a program for your product, remove the typical soil on it, and provide a program number.

If you’re happy with the parts, simply quote the program number on their main order, and Supersheen Ltd will take it from there.

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Supersheen Ltd is a leading metal finishing company in the West Midlands that offers a range of services, including vibro deburringvapour degreasingball burnishingbarrel polishing, and derusting and descaling. Are you looking for a metal finishing supplier? Get in touch today. We provide efficient and effective vibratory finishing services for a wide range of products


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