SEO For Engineering Companies: 3 Common Q&As

SEO – which stands for Search Engine Optimisation – can help build long-term equity for your business. It’s likely that users will always favour and trust search engine results over any other form of marketing. Therefore, it’s pivotal that your business is on those results pages and appearing in front of the right people. Here at AIM Internet, we are a leading engineering digital marketing agency. We can help your engineering company dominate SEO and the search results pages using high quality content, user-friendly websites. We take pride in generating a whole host of trust signals for Google. As a result, we can increase your website traffic and turn clicks into conversions.

SEO is a cost-effective and long-term solution for creating sustainable organic growth. That being said, it must be done right. Google has a whole host of best practices you must adhere to. Our engineering digital marketing agency has put together 5 common SEO  questions and answers to help you get started.

How Do I Know Which Keywords To Target? 

Keywords are arguably the foundation to SEO, so it’s important you get it right, but what keywords should you target? There are many tools to use to look for the right keywords you want to appear on the Google SERPs (search engine results pages) for, such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and UberSuggest.

Essentially though, you need to look at your services or products, and then step into your customers’ shoes. What would they be searching for?

It could be something highly technical, something broad, or even a question. But ask yourself what it would take someone to search for, in order for them to realise they needed your business. Be sure to consider all parts of the marketing funnel. For example, if you are a CNC machining company, here are some keywords that accommodate the different levels of the marketing funnel:

Top funnel: “what can cnc machines make”

Mid funnel: “copper vs brass parts”

Bottom funnel: “cnc machining companies near me”

Some tools will allow you to look at the keywords your competitors are ranking for. This is a great place to start too, because essentially, if they are on page 1 of Google, you want to be looking at targeting those keywords in order to get to the same spot.

Start A Content Strategy

When it comes to nailing down those core keywords, be sure to have a mix of long-tail and short keywords. Have some that are long phrases or questions, and likely to be a bit more niche. Then, look at some broader and more generic terms – these are likely to be the ones with lots of search volume behind them. Once you’ve got a list of keywords to target (hopefully with varying difficulties), you can start a content plan around them and ensure your website pages are optimised to rank for the most appropriate keywords.

Is Onsite SEO Important? 

We know content is vital, but what about the other parts of the website? Is onsite SEO important? Google also looks at the overall website experience that a user will have when they explore your pages. With this in mind, it’s important that your website offers a seamless experience for the user. Be sure to look at the page speed of your website, and look at any technical issues there may be in order to ensure your website is performing well from a technical perspective. If a page is slow to load, or there are elements that load slowly (such as large images), Google may not allow you to rank high. This is based on the fact it could direct users to a site that isn’t user-friendly.

Does Metadata Affect SEO?

It may seem like something unimportant but meta tags are important for both SEO and user experience. Optimising the page title for the target keyword you would like the page to rank for is best practise. Optimising the meta description with a quick summary of what the page is about, will help the click through rate and ensure the user knows what the page is going to be about.

Looking For An Engineering Digital Marketing Agency? 

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