After talking to our customers and, on the basis of their comments carrying out extensive research and development, we’re proud to announce the addition of our high care HC Cab 1000 to our existing range. which is ideally suited for high-care food production applications. A brand-new HMI and easy maintenance are the key benefits of this addition to our range of cabinet washing systems. What’s more, the machines can be equipped with our unique TravelJet travelling jet wash system that offers exceptional wash performance on all internal and external surfaces.

The HC Cab 1000 is the latest product of our high-care design philosophy. It offers exceptional flexibility thanks to pre-set programs with a comprehensive range of recipes for washing, rinsing and sanitising in any combination. It recirculates hot water with detergent for a thorough yet economical wash process and offers a second stage sanitising hot rinse and/or a final sanitising cycle. From the outset we’ve designed the HC Cab 1000 with energy efficiency, ease of use and maintenance in mind, so it sends savings straight to the bottom line for our customers.  Electric and Steam heated versions will be available as standard.


Our new HC Cab 1000 is suitable for cleaning weigh pans, cutting boards, mixing bowls and many other food manufacturing items. Users can choose from single or two-door configurations, and options for low- to high-care environments. And to maximise user safety, we’ve equipped the machine with our unique time-delayed magnetic door locks.


If you’d like to learn more about the HC Cab 1000 or have a specific application in mind, please contact us on +44(0)121 459 9511 or at and we’ll be very happy to discuss your requirements!

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