Are you looking for a temporary commercial generator? Here at Woodlands Generators we are here to help. We proudly specialise in providing generator rental services to support both small and large applications across the country and with plenty of generators to choose from you’re guaranteed to find what you need with us. With seventy years in the industry, our team have established a wide scope of knowledge on generators and what makes a good one, and we have applied this knowledge to our own services, only offering the highest quality of power supply at the most competitive prices. We offer many different services at Woodlands but one of our most popular ones is our generator rental services.

The advantages of renting a generator

If you find yourself in need of a power source, before purchasing a brand new one it is important to establish how long you will require power for. Purchasing a brand new generator can be a costly investment to make and only worth the money if the generator will be used for a long time. Buying a brand new generator to use temporarily is not worth the money and will leave you with less budget to spend on other equipment for your site or event. The alternative is to rent a generator, which will give you the same benefits but without the costly price tag. The advantage of renting a power source is that you are still getting to use high quality and flawless industrial power, but have the luxury of being able to hand the equipment back once you are finished instead of finding a place to store it. In addition to this, you can save more money by renting a generator, leaving you more budget to spend elsewhere.

Temporary commercial generator rental at Woodlands

Our temporary commercial generator rental service gives customers the opportunity to pick a high quality generator for rent based on expert advice from the leading professionals here at Woodlands Generators. Ranging from 30kVA to 2200kVA, we strive to offer power solutions to as many people as we can which is why we stock an incredibly versatile selection of generators. Quality always remains at the forefront of our minds when it comes to temporary power so you’ll be choosing a generator made only from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Himoinsa, Cummins or Volvo.

Additional Services

As a leading electrical generator rental company, we want to make sure our customers receive the right support at the right time, which is why we also have a 24-hour support service on hand too. This service offers emergency maintenance whenever you need it the most so you can rest easy knowing we’ll always be available to help sort any problems and get you back on track with minimal disruption.

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If you are interested in finding out more about generator rental services visit our website today. Alternatively you can call 0845 600 3335 to speak to a member of our team.

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