Here at Stephens Gaskets, we manufacture a wide series of assorted shims which are available to purchase in a variety of packs from brass and copper packs to stainless steel shim packs. These assorted shims contain 8 to 9 different stainless steel shims all in various thicknesses, ranging between 0.002mm to 0.9mm.


Highly trained manufacturers

Our stainless steel shim packs offer you several flexible and versatile pressed parts that can be used to seal the joint between metal components and enhance the fit or alignment of component parts in machinery. Our team of highly trained manufacturers use state of the art equipment to cut shims down to size, and only use the best quality metals.

Leaving it to the professionals means you can get a range of pressed parts at affordable prices, and not have to spend time or hassle trying to make your own shims.

Stainless Steel Shim Packs – Why Come to Stephens Gaskets for Yours?

Across the automotive, construction, aerospace and carpentry industries, machines can be subject to damage from wear and tear over time, and function less efficiently. However, using assorted shims can reduce this damage by wedging any gaps in the machine to keep it functioning accurately. Our assorted shim packs ensure you that you will have the right shim for the job, that fits perfectly. Our stainless steel shim packs are 304 grade shims, which come either flat packed or rolled in a can.

We also offer shims in a variety of materials such as plastic, brass, copper, laminated, copper and aluminium. Out of these, we offer CS4 shim steel, brass CZ108, stainless steel 304 grade & polyester plastic in assorted shim packs. Prices for our stainless steel shim packs range between £27.54 and £59.73, depending on the grade you require. We also offer a bespoke cutting service for those who require shims outside of the measurement provided in our assorted packs.

Delivered to your door or worldwide

We have both ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 accreditations and manufacture all parts on site in Birmingham. These can be delivered to your door with our worldwide delivery service. We can manufacture prototype samples and small run-off batches, up to high volumes of repeated orders. This flexibility ensures you that we’ll be able to find and manufacture a product that suits the requirements of your company and your budget.

For more information on our stainless steel shim packs, visit our website or give us a call now on 0121 544 5808 for an immediate quote.

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