With our silver plating services we ensure that you receive the very best of our expertise gathered over 90 years. This, coupled with our extensive state of the art facilities, brings you the very best in silver plating of a wide ranging variety of components.

Used extensively by the electrical and electro-mechanical industries our silver plating services brings you an up to date system comprising of a combination of barrel and vat processing facilities. This system enables us to silver plate an extensive range of components from contacts and fasteners through to larger pressings and castings. We are always available to offer support and advice should you have any queries about the silver plating process.

Silver plating services from EC Williams – affordable quality, delivered promptly

At EC Williams we make sure our trained silver plating technicians carefully analyse your plating solutions to ensure a consistent finish on every component. We have the capability to control deposits from 2 to 25 microns, which we can efficiently certify with our X Ray Fluorescence test equipment, so that you can rest assured that you have received the correct deposit thickness with the precise amount of silver required. In addition to this meticulous attention to detail that you would expect from one of the leading silver platers, we can offer you a variety of post plating treatments. These include anti-tarnish dips and lubricants.


Efficient and affordable plating service

We have the knowledge and equipment to silver plate onto most substrates including copper, phosphor bronze, brass, steel and zinc die-casts. At EC Williams we can fulfil all your silver plating requirements in a time frame to suit you. We understand the need for a quick and reliable turnaround. We deliver all of this for a competitive rate, so that you can rely on us for an efficient and affordable silver plating service.


Call our experienced staff today

If you have any questions regarding our silver plating services, we have experienced, trained staff ready to give you extensive technical advice and support. If you would like to discuss your requirements for silver plating, or any of our other services please call 0121 236 2524, or email us at plating@ecwilliams.co.uk. To read about other plating services, such as Zinc Nickel Plating, you can visit our previous blog update for more info.

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