Retail sign holders holds prints in place so that you can promote and advertise in the most efficient way possible. Most sign holders are made from plastic, usually acrylic or PVC. A sign holder can be wall mounted, hanging or freestanding and are often seen in shops, offices, reception and waiting areas, hotels and catering locations.

The term sign holders and posters holders are often used interchangeably. Sign holders tend to be smaller than poster holders as they are used to hold notices, prices, menus and statutory information. Poster holders are larger, usually A3 size and bigger, and are used to display larger posters, photographs, imagery and notices.

Choosing sign holders

Retail sign holders include traditional framed print holders or snap frames but increasingly they refer to a plastic sleeve in which the poster is placed. 

PVC sign holders are the cheapest option.  PVC offers less clarity than acrylic and is brittle and liable to break or crack if dropped but for day-to-day use for sign holders that are not required for aesthetic purposes they are ideal.

Acrylic sign holders offer greater clarity, durability and UV resistance. Although perhaps twice the cost of their PVC equivalent, they are still inexpensive and are the most popular choice.

Types of retail sign holders

Here at Wrights Plastics GPX, we have many different types of retail sign holders to choose from.

  • Hanging sign holders – designed to hang from ceiling or shelving. The construction may include holes for hooks so they can be hung from the ceiling or a recessed groove that fits over risers or epos on shelves. Hanging sign holders are ideal for displaying important signs from available ceiling space or on display shelves.
  • Wall mounted sign holders – attached to a wall or upright surface (display panel, door etc). Some are constructed with keyholes for attaching over screws or hooks. Others may be attached by suckers or self-adhesive stickers. Wall mounted sign holders make use of valuable wall space to display essential print – brand or product info, price or promotional info etc.
  • Free standing sign holders – requires no fixing but supports itself on a base. There are a number of different designs that can include front or side opening options and a double sided version. They can be used across any location. Placed on shelves, in window displays and on counter tops they can display essential print comms to customers, staff, visitors, etc.

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