EC Williams are a leading provider of industrial silver plating services for a range of industries including the automotive, rail, power generation and transmission industries, as well as providing plating for domestic and industrial appliances. EC Williams can plate onto many forms of substrate including copper and steel, in a range of plating materials including silver, copper or zinc as well as offering a range of post plating treatments including anti-tarnish dip.

EC Williams have been providing plating services for 90 years. So when you come to EC Williams with your industrial silver plating project, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and experience to bring a first class touch to your project. We ensure that all our projects are finished on budget and in the time frame that you require, while maintaining the high level of precision that you would expect from EC Williams.

We have invested heavily in the latest technology in industrial electroplating. This includes our X Ray Fluorescent test equipment, which can accurately and swiftly report the exact quantity of silver deposited in the plating process. We can control the deposit depth from 2 to 25 microns, thereby ensuring that we can fulfil your order requirements to the highest level of precision.

Providing Unrivaled Industrial Silver Plating

EC Williams have both high capacity combined with a flexible approach to industrial silver plating. So we are capable of taking on large scale projects with restrictive time limits, as well as small bespoke projects. We endeavour to provide competitive priced industrial silver plating for any size of order.

We have an in-house laboratory and trained silver plate technicians. This enables us to maintain our position as one of the leading industrial silver plating experts in the United Kingdom. It also shows why we receive a high level of repeat custom from across a range of industries. We pride ourselves on bringing our excellent service to every project and continue to invest in both technology and our workforce to ensure that we can deliver an impressive silver plating service across the UK.

If you have any questions regarding industrial silver plating, we have experienced, trained staff ready to give you extensive technical advice and support. If you would like to discuss your requirements for industrial silver plating, or any of our other services, please call 0121 236 2524 or email us at

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