We have been a ‘go to’ supplier for all forms gasket materials for many years – including high temperature gasket material. Our extensive range includes the popular Novus. We manufacture top-of-the-range Novus gaskets using quality Novus material. We stock and supply all different thicknesses, utilising all the Novus brand materials. No matter how big or small your request, we can cater to it. We typically manufacture to drawing or to customer specification, which means we can deliver exactly what you want, with a very short lead time. 

As leading gasket manufacturers we can help you establish:

  • Which material to use for gasket manufacturing
  • Material thickness (depending on the compression required to seal)
  • Accurate sizing

About Novus (high temperature gasket material)

Novus is a universal grade gasket sheet jointing that’s especially suitable for use in alkaline conditions. It has an excellent creep resistance and is suitable for oils, fuels and refrigerants. Novus is a premium quality high temperature gasket material. It is a carbon fibre reinforced material, with a high quality Nitrile rubber binder. Novus gasket material is known for its excellent sealing properties at high and low temperatures and at a range of pressure levels.


Why Novus?

Novus has excellent dimensional stability, outstanding resistance to almost all chemicals across the PH range, and is temperature rated from -250°C up to +250°C. This, along with FDA approvals, makes it particularly popular across a wide range of applications. 


Why Stephens Gaskets?

Here at Stephens Gaskets, we have extremely fast lead times on our gaskets for sale and cost effective solutions to all your gasket requirements. We manufacture to ISO 9001 standard, so we offer full traceability for batch material and also make sure we have a dimension report, if and when required, for any gaskets that we provide.

If you’re unsure which material is best suited to your application, contact our expert team who can help answer any questions. For more information on our high temperature gasket material head to our website today. Our gaskets can also be supplied with a self-adhesive backing to a specified width or thickness and be die cut or kiss cut as required.

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