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Here at Stephen’s Gaskets we have over 60 years of experience in manufacturing both bespoke and large volumes of head gasket material at the most competitive prices. With a team of expert technicians, state of the art equipment, and a wealth of experience, we’ve got the right tools for the job!

Excellent client satisfaction

We supply a range of gasket material for classic motor clubs, vintage bikes clubs, engine manufacturers and first and second automotive suppliers. We are renowned for excellent client satisfaction, our worldwide delivery and speedy turnaround. With our exclusive fleet of delivery vehicles we can manufacture and deliver your products straight to your door at a time that is flexible and convenient for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Head Gasket Material

Head gasket material is often used to seal the gap between two surfaces and act as a preventative measure against leakages. Cylinder head gaskets are particular types of gasket which wedge the gap between automotive cylinder heads and engine blocks in cars, trucks and internal combustion engines. This prevents harmful fumes escaping the exhaust system and entering the cabin or the surrounding environment.


Improving the lifespan of your gasket

Clearly, a well-made gasket, such as  cylinder head gaskets is essential for the safety of automotive customers, and here at Stephen’s Gaskets, our state of the art equipment cuts head gasket material to the highest degree of precision and accuracy. Since the use of graphite and asbestos in head gasket material, the gasket manufacturing industry has advanced immensely. Nowadays, multiple-layered steel and copper are more commonly used as head gasket material to improve the seal and durability of the gasket. Damage to these can result in costly repairs of the whole exhaust system, whereas by providing maintenance advice to all of our customers, we can improve the lifespan of your gasket.  


In addition to head gasket material, we also manufacture a range of cork, Novus, Klinger, rubber and Neoprene gaskets; these can be ordered in high volumes, sample batches or bespoke designs.


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If you require gasket manufacturing and would like a free quote, call us now on 0121 544 5808; alternatively, visit our website www.stephensgaskets.co.uk for information on our other services such as laser cutting and plastic injection moulding. Our previous blog on Aluminium Shim can be read here.


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