Epoxy resin coating over 2000sq metres for an expanding Birmingham manufacturer

Protective Surface Coatings Ltd recently worked on a project for a major Birmingham automotive component manufacturer. This multi million pound factory needed to expand their premises and change a large warehouse into an area specifically for manufacturing.  They wanted a resilient, hard wearing, high gloss surface – epoxy resin was the perfect solution for their needs.


Excellent and popular choice

Epoxy resin is an excellent choice of flooring for medium to heavy duty environments. It is resistant to both chemicals and abrasion making it ideal for a number of industries such as engineering, pharmaceuticals, food processing plants and laboratories. With its easy to clean, robust surface, it is clear to see why epoxy resin is a popular choice.

Their current surface was dirty, old and had some damage to the concrete. Protective Surface Coatings Ltd cleaned the surface using an enclosed shot blasting machine and removed all the dirt and grease. Due to a damp problem Protective Surface Coatings then specified two coats of epoxy resin damp proof primer followed by epoxy mortar compound to repair the old cracks, holes and damaged concrete. Then two coats of high build epoxy resin were applied, in light grey, which gave them a thickness of over 1mm. The final stage in the process was to complete the yellow epoxy resin safety demarcation lines.


Delighted customers

The complete project took just 8 days to complete and was delivered in time and on budget. The client was absolutely delighted with their new floor and the dramatic transformation.

Protective Surface Coatings Ltd pride ourselves on answering our clients’ problems, with achievable, cost-effective solutions. We strive to always beat our clients’ expectation both on delivery and time, and look forward to completing projects for our satisfied customers.

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