Acrylic tables remain ontrend. One reason is their 100% flexibility. Check out our ideas for making the most of an acrylic side table in our latest blog.

  1. Bedside Tables

Most modern bedrooms demand a sleek, minimal look and an acrylic side table is perfect for that look. However, they are also great for mix-and-matching with more traditional design schemes. Clear acrylic will help you make the most of light and space so make the perfect choice for smaller or light limited rooms. But you’ll also find lots of great colours to complement any bedroom scheme.

  1. Hallway Heroes

These tables are great for narrow or long hallways that cannot accommodate a larger table. They are great bases for lighting, books, ornaments or plants. Placed in corners they complement any design scheme, or choose a coloured finish such as acrylic side table in black to add some zing and zest to the hall.

  1. Waiting Room & Reception Areas

Acrylic is lightweight, shatterproof and easy to clean so it is the perfect material when heavy & regular use is likely. Its light maximising qualities also make it ideal when space is limited. All these qualities make acrylic tables ideal for waiting rooms and receptions areas. They are affordable on any budget & immediately add a light modern feel to customer-facing areas.

  1. Acrylic Side Tables for Every Occasion

There is often a need for extra display or storage space for certain times period such as  Christmas (all that extra food, and presents, and Christmas decorations etc) or for short period such as parties or celebrations, gatherings or ‘get togethers’. Acrylic side tables are the clear solution – lightweight, affordable and very sturdy.

  1. Retail Display

As a lightweight and shatterproof alternative to glass, acrylic tables help create eye-catching retail displays without distracting from the items promoted. They add a contemporary look to window displays, and they are safe to use in even the busiest retail environment.

  1. Plant Stands

Acrylic is good with water, and an acrylic side table is water resistant and easy to clean. Clear acrylic won’t detract from the beauty of the plants on display & they are lightweight enough to be moved around to be used as a base for stunning flower and plant shows across the house.