polyurethane foam manufacturerAs a polyurethane foam manufacturer, Rocon Foam makes and sells a huge range of foam sheets to a diverse number of businesses and business sectors.  

Extensively used in sport

Our polyethylene foam products are used extensively in sport; for example, crash mats for boxing and Ty Kwon Do, footwear of all types and protective gear. We also sell to industries as varied as domestic goods, aerospace, marine, rail and the automotive industries. Moreover, our products such as PE foam and polyethylene strips are arguably the most competitively priced on the market, produced by Rocon Foam’s cutting edge, high tech plant equipment.

Specialist Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer

As a specialist polyurethane foam manufacturer, we ensure that the polyurethane and melamine foams we supply are fire proof and meet fire industry standard UL94 HF1, FMVSS302 and Class O (Black Pyrosorb, Fireseal and Basotect PVC Nitrile). With such guarantees it’s no surprise that we also supply different products to the health care industry.

Flexible, Long-lasting, High-tear resistance

Our  foam sheets are flexible, long-lasting and have a high-tear resistance. They’re use in medical settings include bedding, mats and medical supports – such medical applications need to take into account aspects such as skin irritants, sterilisation and bio compatibility.

High tear resistance, durability and flexibility make polyethylene foam the ideal solution across the health care and medical sectors, including applications in beds, bedding, medical supports and mats. Our foam sheets also have other health care and medical uses that include surgical aids, wipes and swabs, sponges and surgical pads and wound dressings.


Supplying to the acoustics sector

Another industry we supply to is the acoustics sector. Our PE foam applications  can be used in all types of settings, from theatres and exhibition centres to large and small halls and multi-screen cinemas. Our polyethylene foam ensures that there is first sound absorption for any films, concerts or shows. As a polyurethane foam manufacturer  we also supply our PE foam to recording studios, ensuring our customers meet the continuing high demands of the artists and the entertainment industry – not forgetting the purchasing public.

Highest Industry Standard

Rocon Foam have the ISO9001 accreditation, which is the highest industry standard a polyurethane foam manufacturer can achieve – and we’re proud of it. To maintain these high standards we work closely with our suppliers to makes sure the premier quality raw materials we use are passed on to our customers.  

Get in touch

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