Midlands-based company Winster Ltd have been focusing on increasing staff incentives within the workplace. The company – which is one of the UK’s oldest hose suppliers – has begun investing more time and money into increasing staff enjoyment at work by offering new and innovative incentives. It is hoped that these benefits will motivate employees and build stronger relationships between managers and their staff.

According to Virgin Incentives, 68% of organisations with Reward and Recognition schemes reported a “direct positive impact” on staff retention. As a thriving small business, Winster Ltd have always been open to new ways which will help retain their fantastic workforce, so investing in new recognition schemes was something they were keen to do. Winster Ltd is considered as a relatively small company, with around 12 full-time employees working for the business which specialises in hose and hose assembly solutions. Although the workforce is small, Val Gardner, Managing Director of the company, is still determined to engage in employee reward schemes to show gratitude for all of the team’s hard work.

An incentive to maintain both staff retention and staff happiness, employees who have worked with the company for over a year are rewarded with their birthday off; management also purchase birthday cakes to celebrate the occasion once they are back. To encourage staff productivity, breakfast sandwiches are bought for the team when monthly targets are hit – something which has been hit for nearly six consecutive months now. Christmas is also an occasion to be celebrated at Winster, with the company buying staff bottles of wine and cases of lager to take home and celebrate with over the festive period.

Speaking on the wider focus on staff rewards, Val said, “We want to say thank you to the staff, because we know that although we are a small business, it’s the entire team that makes everything happen. If our staff are appreciated and rewarded, they’ll be happy and therefore productive so it’s a worthy investment that benefits all of us here at Winster!”

Going forward, the company are looking at new ways to reward staff through discounted healthcare packages, and staff bonuses alongside the current yearly bonus.

Val has always been keen to maintain the company’s values and aims to ‘give back’ to the local community. Fortunately, through becoming members of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, introducing government apprenticeship schemes, and most recently the investment into new staff incentive strategies, the company has been able to reflect these values and offer benefits to workers and members of the community. Winster Ltd hope that the positive results in productivity, retention and staff welfare from these incentives will encourage other companies to make similar investments.

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