Generator Hire Industry

The power generator rental market is set to increase globally to $21 billion by 2023, according to market research.

One of the more unexpected trends in this hugely dynamic and growing market is the rise in the number of gas generators that are now in use. Along with the enduring popularity of diesel generators, this also points towards a significant shift in the use of gas generators globally.

Popularity of gas generators

Moreover, the sudden popularity of gas generators has had a knock-on effect across the industry, giving a boost to numbers of rented generators powered by diesel as well as gas.

This is also linked with the increasing demand for power generators across all commercial and private sectors, which highlights the financial benefits of renting generators rather than purchasing power generation equipment.

Global demand

This global demand for rental generators is welcome news for Woodlands Generators, which has a large range of diesel generators, up to 2,200kVA with multiple gensets to supply temporary power facilities.

Indeed, Woodlands Generators is considered to be a leading player in the power generator rental market with its well-established range of generators that can be supplied for all occasions. These include uses for commercial or industrial purposes with diesel generators from 30kVA.


70 years of knowledge

The company has more than 70 years of knowledge, trust and experience in the rental generators market with an in-depth understanding of generators. This includes supply, fitting and maintaining generators any time of the day or night at short notice and in emergencies.  

Quality Generators

To highlight the quality of generators used by Woodlands Generators, Spanish company Himoinsa has an agreement to supply new generators through its UK subsidiary, Himoinsa UK. These are power-generating units which convert energy into electricity and fit ideally with the range of other new diesel generators rented and sold by Woodlands Generators.

Indeed, Himoinsa is supplying rental generators to the Dakar Rally along its Latin American route, stretching across Peru, Bolivia and Argentina and covering 9,000km. The mobile units will be used in more than 10 camps set up along the circuit.


Environmentally friendly

Like all rental generators owned by Woodlands Generators, the units are known for their power, portability, and very low maintenance costs. They’re also environmentally friendly and noise free.


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