Powder Coating Pretreatment

The global pretreatment coatings market has seen robust growth in the past year as emerging economies, particularly in Asia, are creating huge demand in end-user industries, particularly in electronics and aerospace.

Furthermore, many of the companies involved in this growth are now using eco-friendly coatings that will help to shape the future of the powder coasting industry.

The major countries driving the expansion of pretreatment coatings in Asia are China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. Along with the aerospace sector, automotive products are also responsible for the expansion or pretreatment coatings; this is particularly the case with Brazil, the biggest growth area outside Asia. Indeed, it’s Brazil that is now set to have the highest growing pretreatment coating sector globally. The proximity of the US is a critical factor in the industry’s expansion in Brazil.

Increase in consumer partiality

Elsewhere, there is an increase in consumer partiality for multi-functional pretreatment coatings. These provide functionalities which move beyond the purely protective properties. Moreover, in the past year, the global market has had an upswing in the demand for pretreatment coatings that are environment-friendly and cost-effective and this trend is set to grow faster in the coming years.

Huge global demand

Pym and Wildsmith is riding the success of the huge global demand for pretreatment powder coating, with a national and international customer base. The company is highly skilled at producing quality finishes to products across a huge range of sectors, which includes the railways, automotive and defence industries.

By using zinc, chrome and aluminium metal sprays, Pym and Wildsmith offers customers a number of benefits, including a minimum drying time, and pretreatment spray coatings that provide 25 years of wear and tear, giving heat protection up to 400 degrees. Large or small, Pym and Wildsmith can do the job as the company can accommodate items up to 2.8m long by 2.5m wide.

Highly skilled job

The pretreatment coating process is a highly skilled job involving spraying non-ferrous metals onto a surface after it has been shot blasted. As the spray hits the surface, it becomes solidified and forms a durable coating. Once that process is finished, customer can have their items painted.


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