If you are looking for used diesel generators for sale, then you are in the right place! Here at Woodlands Generators we stock a wide selection of second hand generators, ranging from 40 kVA to 3,500 kVA, at the most competitive of prices.

Used on a global scale

Our services are used on a global scale to host outdoor concerts, business and sporting events, and provide power to construction sites, quarries, airports and petrol chemical plants.

We have a vast selection of used diesel generators for sale, from the most recognised names in power generation, including Cummins, F G Wilson and Caterpillar, whilst maintaining some of the most competitive prices. Many of our generators have multi-megawatt temporary power facilities up to 3,500 kVA outputs, and synchronisation of multiple gensets. This ensures your site will operate smoothly, even in the event of power disruption.

Trusted generator supplier

As a trusted generator supplier, we personally select each used diesel generator for sale, and insist that prior to our ownership, each used diesel generators for sale has been rigorously maintained and is brought to us for thorough tests and servicing prior to second hand sale.

We can deliver any used diesel generators for sale straight to your door with our exclusive fleet of delivery vehicles. If you require the generator quickly or for an emergency, this will avoid the delays that can arise when using external transport companies. We also offer an emergency generator rental service should you require a backup source of power quickly following power disruption.


Although we have an extensive range of makes, sizes and models, if in the event we do not stock the model you are looking for, we would be happy to source your required specification on your behalf.

Each current used Diesel Generator for Sale is as follows:

  • 1600 kVA CAT
  • 1250 kVA F G Wilson
  • 1030 kVA Cummins
  • 800 kVA Deutz
  • 550 kVA CAT
  • 500 kVA Cummins
  • 350 kVA F G Wilson
  • 330 kVA Cummins
  • 300 kVA Atlas Copco
  • 100 kVA F G Wilson
  • 100 kVA Aksa
  • 63 kVA Aksa
  • 40 kVA Aksa


Visit our website

Our list is updated daily and can also be found on our website www.woodlands-generators.com for your convenience.  For a free quote on a used diesel generator for sale, or for information regarding any other of our services, including power distribution rental, fuel management and lighting tower rental, call us today on 0845 600 3335 (+44 1386 442622 outside UK) and we will be happy to answer any queries.

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