Durable ABS Plastic

Asia-Pacific dominated the plastic sheet industry in 2017, accounting for $47 billion or 44% of the worldwide market, which was worth a huge $106 billion. Predictably, China had the largest slice of the plastic sheet pie with 22% of the global plastic sheet manufacturing market worth $23 billion.


Global trends

The most noticeable global trends adopted by plastic product manufacturers were green solutions. These included recyclable, biodegradable, multifunctional plastics to reduce the footprint of plastic products in the world.


Standing out against other materials

This news has not been lost on Eagle Plastics, which supplies ABS plastic sheets, which is a high impact resident plastic that is chemical and weather resistant. This thermoplastic stands out against other materials for its resistance under low temperatures.



Tough durability

As with all thermoplastic sheets, ABS has industrial and commercial uses. For example, its tough durability makes it ideal for using as car bumpers. Likewise, it’s also used in children’s toys such as Lego bricks. Moreover, because it’s tough and light ABS plastic sheet is used in extreme sports and is popular with construction companies that buy it in bulk for safety head gear.


Most widely used engineering thermoplastic

ABS sheets are the most widely used engineering thermoplastic sheet available, and is formed by the polymerisation of styrene and acrylonitrile on to thermoplastic rubber which is then melt compounded with styrene acrylonitrile.


Popular with a wide range of industries

ABS plastic sheet is very simple to manufacture and is versatile, which means that it’s popular with a wide range of different industries. Moreover, Eagle Plastics has a very large range of thermoplastic sheets at the company’s warehouse. Much of the ABS plastic sheet is sized for clients to take off the shelf. Nevertheless, other customers looking for particular requirement can use Eagle Plastics’ more bespoke service. Indeed, the company’s cutting tools are able to slice the plastic sheet  to the most precise measurement demanded by customers.


The company stock ranges from embossed and smooth thermoplastic sheets in a huge number of colours. And regarding the global trend for green solutions, the stock can be offered in recycled and virgin grades.


ABS Plastic Sheets at Eagle Plastics

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