Flooring Market

The global flooring market is set for increased growth during the next five years because of a huge rise in infrastructure investments.

The global demand is particularly high in fast developing economies of the BRIC nations – Brazil, Russia, India and China. Nevertheless, economies in Africa and Southeast Asia are starting to have an impact on demand for products such as floor resin, interior resin surfaces and anti-slip flooring.  


Huge spikes in investments

As a result of this huge global demand, there is intense competition among companies manufacturing and supplying industrial flooring. Financial centres from New York and London to Frankfurt and Paris are indicating huge spikes in investments – from private equity to venture capital – eager to take a punt on a dynamic industrial sector.  Such investment is forecast to be large in industrial flooring products across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.  

Product lines such as anti-slip flooring have become the sweetheart of investors as part of the spike in investment in the floor adhesives market. Within Europe, Germany and the UK were the biggest funding centres as huge demand continues for floor coatings in 2016 and 2017.

Increased global demand

The news of increased global demand is nothing new to a company like  Protective Surface Coatings Ltd. The Midlands-based business has been at the forefront of innovation and technological changes in the flooring market for decades, providing industrial and commercial clients with a wide range of flooring products, which are durable, attractive and popular.


Long lasting resistance

The benefits of the types of flooring products Protective Surface Coating supplies is that they’re resistant to fire, anti-slip flooring and can withstand extremely high temperatures. This gives industrial and commercial buildings a long-lasting resistance that can stand up to all types of hazards – and is proactive in helping to prevent accidents. Furthermore, these types of anti-slip flooring are reflective, which means that the high gloss finish actually brightens up the workshop floor.

Higher levels of safety

Protective Surface Coatings’ anti-slip resin coatings are also ideal for walkways and increases the effectiveness of grip; either beneath normal shoes or wheels. This makes sure customers have a higher level of safety, security and hygiene.


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