As a premier warehouse flooring contractor, Protective Surface Coatings Ltd is used to supplying epoxy resin flooring as a warehouse flooring contractor. But warehouse resin flooring is not only for warehouses and other large buildings in the industrial and commercial sectors.


Warehouse flooring solutions

Warehouse floors are now attracting the attention of architects and interior designers of high class homes – in the UK and overseas.

In the US, epoxy flooring and other warehouse flooring solutions, are being adopted by people who want a tough, durable yet bright and attractive flooring.


Warehouse resin flooring

One recent convert to traditional warehouse resin flooring is Texas interior designer James Saavedra. James has decked his home out in white epoxy resin flooring, which is as cool and sleek as any city art gallery. The surface is not only hugely attractive – it’s tough as houses.

A peek at his warehouse flooring solutions highlights this toughness and James boasts that he can shatter industrial jars on the surface and it’ll not have a scratch to show for it.


Warehouse flooring contractors

As warehouse flooring contractors, Protective Surface Coatings Ltd is starting to hear a number of stories from a range of different clients about the hard wearing and attractive warehouse resin floors it supplies.

Epoxy is a synthetic material with theromosetting polymers that contain epoxide. The chemical combination makes for a very tough surface – regardless of the conditions. Saavedra’s 700 square-foot of resin flooring space in Texas is just one example of its uses. And James claims it’s the best decision he ever made.

Along with its extreme durability, the epoxy resin flooring is slip resistant and has a superfast installation time. Indeed, Saavedra’s floor took just 24 hours to set! It’s also renowned for its safety and hygienic qualities.


Warehouse flooring

Protective Surface Coatings Ltd is an approved warehouse flooring contractor for many resin manufacturers. It’s warehouse flooring solutions have been used by industries as diverse as automotive, engineering, electronics and food and drink.


From its headquarters in the West Midlands, the company supplies its range of commercial flooring products from decorative epoxy screeds and anti-slip resin flooring to cementitious pump screeds. With architects and interior designers now catching on, expect to see warehouse resin flooring used in the domestic market as well.


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