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The powder coating suppliers industry is currently undergoing a boom period with the increasing use of onsite powder coatings in industries such as vehicle manufacturing, which utilises powder coating spray  paint in applications such rims, engine components and handles. Indeed, the global demand for powder coating services is expected to be dominated by the automotive sector in 2018.

In global demand

Nevertheless, powder coating suppliers are much in demand in other sectors as well. For example, with consumer goods such as washing machines, microwave ovens and freezers, to name just a few.

At Pym and Wildsmith we have worked with companies across the globe that require powder coating spray paint and other powder coating services. The global demand on these services now means we are working around the clock for clients across the UK and as far away as China.

Powder coated spray paint for bikes

As an example of how we’re now building our profile abroad, one recent job we undertook was for a UK charity working with isolated communities in Africa. The charity, Krizevac, had set up a programme in Malawi exporting bicycles to villages. The organisation asked us to provide a powder coating service where we could give a powder coated spray paint to old Royal Mail bikes.

Highest quality finish

That was back in 2015 and since then Pym and Wildsmith have supported the project as exclusive powder coating suppliers by spraying more than 1500 of their bicycle frames.  The idea, of course, is to ensure that each bike frame has the highest quality finish – something that couldn’t be equalled by any other powder coating company.

Ensuring everyone is happy

These quality paint jobs need to be turned around very quickly and to ensure everyone’s happy, we also carry out the powder coating spray paint job in different colour.

Powder coating suppliers to elephant bikes

Krizevac’s elephant bike project is typical of the eclectic work we  now carry out around the world. The charity have been so pleased with the work we’ve done as powder coating suppliers that the manager of the project has stated that the Malawi programme would not have been as successful without our quality workmanship.


Helping us continue to grow

As a customer-focused company this kind of feedback – and that of our other customers – helps us to continue to grow and improve as a business.

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