When it comes to business success, steel washers can make all the difference between success and failure. Take large machines, for example, whether they’re part of an industrial plant or moving heavy equipment, arguably it’s the steel washers and shim washers that make all the difference to their smooth running.


Decades of experience

As washer suppliers, Stephen’s Gaskets have decades of experience of ensuring the right turned washers are used for the right job – and in the right engine. The importance of spring steel washers should not be taken for granted – over the many years we’ve been trading, we’ve seen how our steel washers can make all the difference to a the effective running of plant and machinery.  

Shim Washers

Shim washers are often tiny slithers of material that fill the gaps between two active, working components. This keeps those components friction free – ensuring they do their jobs properly while the steel washers take all the strain. By ensuring they adequately fill the space, the turned washers protect their components. It’s ironic that such small, thin steel washers can play such a vital role to keep machines working in tip top condition.

What most people don’t know – and this includes plant owners – is that often engineered components that make up the majority of machines are not engineered perfectly. Components don’t always fit and work the way they’re supposed to. That’s why, as washers suppliers, we understand that our spring steel washers keep those less than perfect engineering products working properly.  


Steel Washers

That also includes maintenance and ultimately costs. Steel washers – along with doing a crucial job – keep your costs down. Our shims washers and steel washers are manufactured in bulk for orders. But we also create bespoke turned washers – indeed, as washers suppliers, we have customers that have a myriad different engines and machines. Often one size does not fit all – so we make to measure.  We also turn around our orders within a day or two and they will be in your workshop or factory quickly regardless of your location in the UK or overseas. 


As the ultimate washers suppliers, we are eager to discuss our spring steel washers with you. We can talk through your requirements to make sure you  are receiving the best product for your business.  We can advise you with our know-how to ensure you’re getting value for money.  


Stephen’s Gaskets are ISO accredited and guarantee our steel washers and shim washers are of the finest quality. Please call us on 0121 544 5808. To read more about shim washers, look at our previous article on washers suppliers.