The global shot blasting machine industry is currently focused on China, where most of the activity takes place. The global industry reports huge demand for any shot blasting company as demand is forecast to expand further during 2018-22.

Shot blasting

For the uninitiated, industrial shot blasting generally involves shot blasting cleaning using steel from a high powered tool onto the surface of a product. Shot blasting companies are called in to remove any rust or other types of scale that have grown onto a surface.

A shot blasting contracting company will then arrive to do the pre-treatment, clean the surface and do a re-coating service using steel spraying or other kinds of metal coating finishes. But for shot blasting cleaning, shot blasting companies will need to clean any surface thoroughly before starting work.  

Shot blasting contracting company

A good shot blasting company will make sure customers have all the right protection after cleaning to give the products a long life after finishing. Good services always strip any previous coating and other layers of protection away regardless of how ingrained and old they are. A shot blasting company like Pym and Wildsmith ensures that all jobs are effective enough to give any surface a long life.

Following the removal of the older coating,  the surface of the product is then prepared for the shot blasting service with a new finish such as paint spraying, e-coating, metal spraying, or powder coating. The Pym and Wildsmith quality-assured is able to cater for most sizes up to 7m x 5m.

shot blasting company 

Shot Blasting companies

Although there are several shot blasting companies in the Midlands, Pym & Wildsmith are the most renowned for their expertise and shot blasting cleaning specialisms.  We guarantee a high quality shot blasting service for all sectors of industry.


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Our team of specialists have years of experience at shot blasting services and we manage each project with the finest detail – from start to finish.


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If you are interested in us as a shot blasting company call 01889 565 653 to speak to a member of our team who will offer their expert advice to you. Alternatively, visit our website to read more about our shot blasting services.

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