Based in the Black Country, Winster Ltd is a leading supplier of hoses and hose assemblies. The business is one of the longest-standing hose providers in the country and are now focusing on hiring new talent to strengthen the team and grow the business further.

Winster are a values-driven business, directed by Val Gardner, Managing Director  who remains determined to offer advantages and opportunities to the area in which the company has thrived in. With this in mind, the company are delighted to continue to be part of the government’s apprentice programme.

Apprentices schemes at Winster Ltd

Winster have become heavily involved with the government’s apprentice programme which encourages businesses to offer full time on-the-job-training to individuals looking to start or develop their careers. This programmes fit perfectly with the values of Val and Winster and therefore the company took on-board the new scheme to offer excellent working and learning opportunities to local individuals who may otherwise be overlooked.

The government scheme also offers funding contributions towards the apprenticeship, which has meant that Winster Ltd can offer the highest quality of training to ensure that every apprentice hired will meet their full potential working for them.

The company are extremely happy to be welcoming new and fresh talent through this scheme as it offers fantastic opportunities to engage with often quite younger achievers. By working with the new apprentices, Winster can teach and train their own specialist knowledge to another individual, therefore strengthening their own team and allowing the business to develop more services and customer requirements.

Winster is a company that always strives for more, and by offering apprenticeship opportunities to the community, the company are giving more people the chance to build a career with a successful local business that offers services nationwide.

Brand new employee following apprenticeship scheme

The involvement in the government apprenticeship scheme has already been a success for the company, having recently successfully recruited Owen Sibley a full time apprentice who has completed their entire programme with Winster. Managing Director Val, and the rest of the company saw huge potential in Owen and thoroughly enjoyed training and working with him. Once the apprenticeship was completed, Winster offered Owen a job.

Owen said “Doing an apprenticeship was definitely the best option for me. Being more practical rather than sitting in a classroom was something I prefer and would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is the same. I feel that after finishing my apprenticeship, Winster put a lot of trust in me to deal with their customers and this is something I appreciate. Since finishing my apprenticeship, I have since been to business coaching sessions and am enrolled on a sales qualification which will help both myself and Winster. Both Val and Winster are very interested in my progression within the company and I hope to help the company match its ongoing ambitions”

Speaking about Owen, Val said “We felt that the new addition to the team was a positive move, we’re very proud to expand our company through the apprenticeship programme and we’re pleased it’s already been a success”.

Winster to look for new apprentices

Following the incredible success from partaking in the government apprenticeship scheme, Winster are pleased to confirm that they will be taking on another apprentice too – who they hope will follow in the same positive footsteps.

Hiring another local apprentice is another way for Winster to express gratitude towards the community in which the business has established itself within. As platinum members of the Black Country Chamber organisation, the company strive to form close relationships with businesses and customers alike and by taking part in schemes such as apprenticeships, they can offer the community a whole host of benefits.

If you would like to find out more about apprenticeship scheme through Winster Ltd visit:  or contact Val Gardner on 01902 606010.


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