High impact polystyrene, more commonly known as HIPS, is becoming an extremely popular thermoplastic to be used in a wide variety of applications. While polystyrene propertiesone benefit is that it’s reasonably priced, another great benefit is that it can be recycled because it never thermosets; making it a common choice of material for those industries who aim to be more environmentally friendly.

How is HIPS produced?

High impact polystyrene (HIPS) is produced by adding a tougher material to the original polystyrene, such as rubber or butadiene polymers. The added materials then result in an increase in the impact, strength, toughness and versatility of the polystyrene, creating HIPS.

Polystyrene properties

The numerous polystyrene properties HIPS showcase, are what enables the plastic to have such a wide range of purposes and applications. HIPS has the ability to maintain a solid strength in high impact applications. It is easily mouldable, and can be painted, making it ideal for outdoor use as well as indoor. Its strong mouldable properties combined with its good retention and recyclability, make it the ideal plastic to use if you or your company aim to be environmentally friendly; with its ability to retain strength, it can be recycled into a new product numerous times.

High impact polystyrene also has good dimensional stability and low volatility making it an extremely versatile thermoplastic. The polystyrene properties also allow the property to undergo injection moulding and extrusion procedures.

What can HIPS be used for?

As previously mentioned, the high impact polystyrene properties enable the plastic to lend itself to a wide range of applications. It can be used in consumer products such as toys, appliance components, and bicycle trailers. HIPS is also used in the automotive industry for instrument panels and fittings, as well as gasoline tanks. Most hot and cold drinking cups in the food services sector are also made from HIPS.

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