Everyone knows that a precision-made stainless steel washer is the most effective part of an engine – ensuring all the parts work smoothly. And at Stephen’s Gaskets we’re used to manufacturing the finest stainless steel washers for anything from Formula 1 racing cars to oil rig lifting gear in the North Sea.



But this year we’ve even gone that little step further – we’ve sponsored one of the Midlands finest moving parts, who just happens to play for Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. Yes, we’ve sponsored their goalkeeper, John Ruddy.

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Pushing the analogy to its further point possible, here at Stephen’s Gaskets we think we can can boast that John Ruddy is our very own living, breathing stainless steel washer. Yes, the Wolves goalie John ruddy is a stainless steel washer. You heard it here first.


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He’s not just one of the many metal washers and steel washers you find in piles on the factory floor, he’s precious and precision built to help Wolves lift the Championship winners trophy this year and take the club to the giddy heights of the Premiership next season.

And like John Ruddy, our stainless steel washers in the UK are precious and precision built. But beneath the joviality, we’re deadly serious about our association with Wolves and John Ruddy, and our claim that Stephen’s Gaskets is a premier league business manufacturing stainless steel washers in the UK.


Stainless steel washers UK

Stainless steel is known for its world renowned durability and strength. Indeed, these are properties that underpin many of our products. As steel washers manufacturers we ensure that our stainless steel washers are made to the highest degree of versatility, so they can be used in many different industries across the UK. Our stainless steel washers, for example, can be produced en masse or we can make them bespoke for the customer’s wishes.


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Furthermore, our association with a professional such as Wolves and England international John Ruddy highlights how we’re made of the same metal week in and week out, to produce results that keep us at the top – and keep use moving forward in a Premier League of manufacturing excellence.

If want too find out more about our stainless steel washer range and stainless steel manufacturers please call us on 0121 544 5808. Alternatively, please visit our website at stainless steel washers.

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